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Clouds Here and There

The business case for public, private and hybrid models

The business case for public, private and hybrid models
Illustration by Travis Anderson

Delivery and Consumption

Cloud computing evolved from Internet consumer services and is about creating a delivery and consumption model of IT-enabled services focusing on the end-user experience, control and self-management.

So what’s really different about cloud computing? A traditional enterprise tends to pull together resources and deploy them in support of a business function workload one project at a time, or in silos. The resources are dedicated to the workload and can’t lend extra support to other workloads.

However, cloud computing leverages a pooled-resources environment that uses virtualization to let physical assets support multiple workloads. Driving the efficient delivery that enables self-service and self-management of cloud computing requires standardization of the assets as well as automation. This is what delivers a responsive end-user experience.

So from the end-users’ point of view, it’s elastic in scalability; accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime; and requires investment only for what they use when they’re using it.

The economic factors driving cloud computing aren’t new technologies, but rather the combination of existing technologies with a focus on enabling end users. Virtualization drives higher utilization, which lowers capital expenses. Standardization also lowers capital and labor costs, while automation reduces management costs, enhances user experience and automates many manual tasks to reduce errors and the costs associated with managing an environment.

You can have cloud without those elements, but it won’t be cost-effective nor deliver with stability. It would also lack an enhanced end-user experience of self-enablement and self-management.


Tom Brandes is a freelance writer for variety of subjects, including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, sustainability and more.



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