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Bluemix Makes it Easy to Build Applications Securely and Quickly in the Cloud

With more than 10 billion mobile devices and sensors accessing information, customers on the go with real-time data at their fingertips can be both a valuable resource and also extremely demanding, expecting information to be available 24-7. Businesses must capture this market in innovative ways, adapting to users’ requests while also using the information being shared and accessed.

“It’s not just about systems of engagement. There is real data—meaningful data—in your systems of record, so let us build an app that exposes both of those.”
—Kyle Charlet, IMS architect

Companies can take control of this data with IBM Bluemix*. Available since June, the Bluemix offering is an open cloud development platform as a service for building, managing and running apps such as mobile, Web, big data and smart devices. The cloud platform brings together services and tools into a single ecosystem. This gives businesses and individuals a place to build apps without spending large amounts of time and resources on configuring infrastructure and multiple software licenses.

A Working Example

More than 80 percent of the world’s corporate data is owned and managed on the mainframe. Cloud and mobile devices need to access that information. Bluemix helps bring everything together in a secure, easy-to-access environment.

Using Bluemix as the platform, an IBM team created an example of how a cloud-based company could take mobile data and connect it to the mainframe seamlessly in a single application. The group—under the direction of Andy Hoyt, director of WebSphere* Cloud Integration; with contributions from Ram Vennam, software engineer; Kevin Hite, software engineer for IMS*; and Kyle Charlet, IMS architect—built an example of a born-in-the-cloud company capable of trading stocks with scattered assets.

“It’s not just about systems of engagement,” Charlet says. “There is real data—meaningful data—in your systems of record, so let us build an app that exposes both of those.”

IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS* Connect was used as the foundation for offering the system of record assets as Representational State Transfer (REST) services. Built using the Liberty profile with WebSphere Application Server running on z/OS, it provides an interface between mobile and cloud devices and back-end systems. It uses REST APIs and accepts JSON payloads, creating accessibility to Web and mobile developers. This also makes it easier for CICS* and IMS transactions to work with mobile. With z/OS Connect, system of record assets can look and behave like any other REST service, regardless of platform.

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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