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IBM z Systems Vocabulary 101

It is a well-known fact that effective communication is one of the keys of every successful project. However, for complex projects that span multiple technologies, communication can also be a challenge. One of the primary reasons for communication difficulties can be attributed to the different languages used on multiple platforms. This beginner's guide is designed to help communication between those who work with z Systems and other platforms.

After reading through the flashcards, you should have a better general understanding of the following conversation:

z Systems: I have configured an LPAR for you with z/VM and configured 10 guests with both hipersockets and a virtual switch. Each guest has 10GB of ECKD disk available. The hipersocket network is connected to a z/OS LPAR with 2 CPs and 2 zIIPs available to leverage CICS and IMS programs or to access DB2.

Distributed: That sounds great. Do I also have root access to the virtual machines, so I can configure LVM and volume groups the way that I like? We also need to manage UIDs, GIDs and possibly create an LDAP server. Finally, we would also need to be able to configure a firewall using iptables, have access to a remote NFS server and possibly a Kickstart system.

z Systems: That is not a problem; we can work with you on all of those concerns.

Each term will take the form of a flash card, which will have:
  1. A topic of a z Systems term
  2. A z Systems term, including the full name if the term is an acronym
  3. A brief, general definition of the term
  4. A term to get an idea of comparison on distributed platforms

Expanded Information

What we are providing is a general starting point to talk to one another. We understand many definiations are complex but want to give you a quick idea of what a term means. For more definitions and information, please visit the IBM pages for IBM Terminology and Glossary of z/OS Terms and Abbreviations.

Vocabulary Topics

Click on the topic to see the vocabulary terms, and clicking on a term will launch a slideshow of the terms in that topic.

Part One:

Part Two:

A Growing List

This started as a list put together by Sarah McAndrew, Systems Architect, IBM, and myself in 2002, but has been expanded over time. If there are terms you would like to see added to this directory, please let me know in the comments.

David Morlitz is an IBM Certified Client Architect and Open Group Master Certified Architect who has been designing solutions for customers since 2001.

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