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SMF Series Recap

This article series explores how to process SMF data using the REXX programming language. To recap:

  1. The first article, “Leveraging SMF Data With (or Without) REXX,” introduced a few SMF concepts and terminology, as well as some data structures (such as the SMF record header), which laid a conceptual foundation.
  2. The second article, “REXX Offers Tools for Automated Processing of SMF Data,” provided some key REXX abstractions that could be used as the building blocks for developing tooling for SMF record analysis.
  3. The third article, “Processing SMF Records Using REXX,” discussed variable-length SMF sections and how to traverse a section using SMF triplet information.
  4. The final article takes what’s covered in the previous installments and builds a working REXX example that displays the fields for SMF Record Type 30.


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