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Virtualization Reshapes How Data is Stored

Tips and Techniques | Where, physically, is your data set? That’s a difficult question to answer

January 2012

SSDs for Oracle 11g

Web Exclusive |

September 2011

The Bedrock of High-End Disk

E-Newsletter | IBM System Storage and System z partnership paves the way for innovative information infrastructure solutions

September 2009

Welcome to Storage 2.0

Features | XIV storage and Diligent de-duplication technologies can transform your information infrastructure

November 2008

Making the Best Even Better

Focus On Storage | New DS8000 release boosts performance and improves functionality

November 2007

Mainframe Treasure Buried in Plain Sight

Focus On Storage | zCDP for DB2 essentially combines the IBM DFSMS and DB2 solutions to create an application-based solution tailored to complex, enterprise-level DB2 systems employed by a single application housed on a System z platform. zCDP for DB2 is capable of managing backup copies on disk and tape.

September 2007

Improving I/O Performance with HyperPAV

Focus On Storage | The new HyperPAV disk technology delivers a one-two punch with improved I/O efficiency and performance and reduced I/O resources required.

May 2007



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