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Capacity and Simplicity

Smart storage solutions let you have it all

Smart storage solutions let you have it all

Some items are just bound together: salt and pepper, a horse and carriage, or even smoke and fire. While some may argue it’s hard to grow a data center without adding cost and complexity, IBM begs to differ. Its smarter approach to data storage means increased capacity goes hand in hand with cost efficiency and ease of use.

The amount of data a company manages grows, on average, 20 to 40 percent each year, estimates David Vaughn, marketing manager for IBM System Storage*. To stay competitive and meet internal policies, external regulations and other data-storage guidelines, businesses have no choice but to store these growing amounts of data. At the same time, IT budgets are only increasing between 1 and 5 percent annually.

Vaughn says this ongoing gap between requirements and available finances creates a need to change how storage works. IBM has invested more than $2 billion to develop storage systems to improve management of vast amounts of data: utilizing software technologies like virtualization, thin provisioning, deduplication, compression and automated tiering. Additionally, IBM storage offerings can provide exponential capacity growth while conserving energy, floor space and management costs. This means customers can tap into storage that meets their current workload needs, which can vary from day to day, when they need it.

“Our customers have to have more efficient storage,” Vaughn says. “The actual products have to be more efficient, but the staff also needs to be more efficient. We provide technology that accomplishes both.”

“You don’t have to trade functionality for ease of use.” —David Vaughn, marketing manager, IBM System Storage

Natalie Boike is a former IBM Systems Magazine managing editor.



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