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IBM Smarter Storage Puts Businesses in Control of Their Data

The IBM Portfolio

The IBM offerings provide effortless efficiency and require no manual intervention. For example, soft reboots self-correct and autonomics enable correction within the system. IBM Storage also analyzes data access patterns, adapts and improves performance. Sophisticated internal analytics, such as those in the Easy Tier* offering, automatically place data on the appropriate storage tiers based on usage and performance needs.

In highly virtualized cloud environments, storage lets clients manage large groups of virtual servers and cloud computing storage via software such as SVC* (SAN Volume Controller). IBM and non-IBM storage can be managed in one virtual pool. All systems inherit IBM’s advanced capabilities in support of cloud, analytics, mobile and social technologies. Data is automatically synchronized, and files flow to users with proven resiliency, and disaster-recovery and high-availability capabilities. The IBM Storage portfolio focuses on data economics, offering the following attributes:

  • Data-intensive solutions: IBM Elastic Storage is proven, scalable, high-performance software-defined storage that’s setting the agenda in managing unstructured data and data archiving. Data protection and retention solutions enable backup and archive functions.
  • Innovation: Flash is everywhere and can provide extreme performance and efficiency.
  • Business critical: The IBM DS8870* offers 99.9999 percent availability to keep businesses running and data secure. Leading performance, proven security and the best multicopy functions support disaster recovery.
  • Start quickly and add value: Storwize* and XIV* solutions enable simplicity, speed, flexibility and scale. Simplicity drives cloud, predictability guarantees performance and service, and the New Intel* Hardware Compression Assist offers efficiency without compromise.

Protect Your Resources

Data has become one of the world’s most valuable resources. IBM offers a wealth of experiences and product lines for resilient storage infrastructure and software integration, enabling clients worldwide to meet their data storage, analysis and management needs. IBM can help protect what is most valuable to your business—data—and can help you use what you already have to drive value and unlock opportunities within your organization.

Calline Sanchez is the VP of IBM Systems Storage program management.



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