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IBM Smarter Storage Puts Businesses in Control of Their Data

On Jan. 28, 1986, Americans watched as the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart in midair off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida. The incident killed every crew member on board. Roughly 40 days after the accident, the Challenger’s flight recorder system was found and IBM engineers from Tucson, Arizona, and NASA engineers worked to restore the tape’s data.

It was a worst-case scenario in all imaginable aspects, but with the proper data, we can learn important lessons to help prevent future tragedies.

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This incident and the data’s subsequent recovery influenced my own personal passion for the power of data storage. Having the opportunity to work with engineers and scientists of the highest caliber and view the process from the inside has given me a unique sense of appreciation for the dedication, hard work and endless pursuit of perfection that drives the innovation from this group.

A New Approach

The IBM Storage team has assembled an industry-leading portfolio that represents a core business to IBM and demonstrates a passion for data storage. Business is built on knowledge, knowledge gets its foundation from data, and IBM Storage products can help organizations use their data to unlock hidden value.

The big data, social, mobile and cloud phenomena redefine the way people create, consume and share information. The rising tide of data volumes and the simultaneous exploitation of that data for analytic insight are fueling data hoarders. This massive volume of data demands a new approach to storage that is more intelligent, efficient and automated—one that will fundamentally change the way we think about data. IBM Smarter Storage represents a new strategy for storage design and deployment, offering a rich portfolio that ranges from entry solutions to enterprise products.

IBM Smarter Storage enables organizations to take control of their data so they can gain insights from it and deliver more value to the business. This automated and intelligent approach to storage is efficient by design, self-optimizing and cloud agile. With IBM System Storage, the essential technologies for storage offerings, from enterprise to midrange, are built in and tightly integrated, reflecting what have long been the hallmarks of IBM Storage—redundancy, serviceability and advanced data-replication functions.

Calline Sanchez is the VP of IBM Systems Storage program management.



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