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Chiphopper Offering Delivers New Linux Applications


New applications are the lifeblood of a server platform. In an effort to give Linux* on IBM* eServer hardware new life, IBM announced its IBM eServer Application Advantage* for Linux offering, also known as Chiphopper*-the IT industry's first combination of support and testing tools designed to deliver on the promise of a cross-platform Linux solution for ISVs.


While the advantages for ISVs are apparent, customers also benefit. In fact, customers were the driving force behind the offering, according to IBM's Scott Handy, vice president, worldwide Linux. "Customers came to IBM saying, 'I really want to put Linux on this new OpenPower* server or on a partition on pSeries*, but the application I want is only available on Linux on x86.'


"They loved our approach, but they felt like their hands were tied behind their backs because the apps weren't there-not all of the time, but some of the time."


ISVs were also trying to figure out how to get their applications in front of IBM Linux customers on other platforms.


The Chiphopper offering, an initiative developed in collaboration with Novell and Red Hat, allows ISVs worldwide to enable their Linux applications to operate across the entire IBM eServer product line, from entry-level x86-based servers, blades and clusters, to POWER* technology-based servers to Linux on the mainframe.


"Multiplatform Linux is already a reality with our customers and our ISVs, and the introduction of our Chiphopper offering will accelerate that process," Handy explains. "Linux on x86 is already huge, and the Chiphopper offering will not only increase that market opportunity, but also expand it to additional platforms faster than what was possible." 


IBM's Chiphopper offering (named for its capability that allows ISV applications to easily move, or "hop," across various chips) is a no-charge offering that's available immediately. Chiphopper is enabled worldwide to provide the tools and support for ISVs to take their existing Linux-on-x86 (Intel* or AMD) applications and easily test, port and support those applications across all IBM systems including: IBM eServer iSeries*, pSeries, zSeries*, xSeries*, BladeCenter*, TotalStorage* and OpenPower servers.


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