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Trusting the System

Trust IBM Z
Photo by Kristie Engebretson Anderson

Recently, I let the SSL certificate on my personal website expire. I was given warning and ignored it, rationalizing that I would get to it or that, since my site doesn’t sell anything or have private information or people logging in, it would be OK. Lo and behold, my site became inaccessible the day the certificate expired. I realized the importance of the certificate. With that security icon (e.g., a lock, green check, etc.) near the URL, I can trust all my information is encrypted and helping visitors trust the site and, by extension, me.

As people are always connected, trust is imperative for an organization to set itself apart and connect with consumers. IBM has stated that trust is the new currency of the digital economy. Lack of trust can be a barrier. That’s one of the proof points behind IBM’s introduction of the new IBM z14*, a highly secure, connected and cognitive platform. Read about the new IBM Z* platform in “Trusting the System.”

A key capability of the new system is pervasive encryption. This end-to-end protection helps organizations secure all of their enterprise data while reducing the cost and complexity of meeting compliance mandates. “Paradigm Shift to Pervasive Encryption” explains more about the benefits of pervasive encryption, which is considered the new standard of encryption.

In Administrator, learn about the impact of Java* with the IBM z14, including new hardware facilities like pause-less garbage collection, high-performance encryption and decimal processing acceleration. Read about it in “A Step Up.” The Currents article “Simplifying Offerings” examines the z/OS* strategy to streamline product installation.

Don’t miss our magazine readership survey. In it, we get to know readers and their pain points and successes at work, including concerns about security, cost and talent. Read the special section “Security, Cost and Talent.”

I trust that you will find the articles in this issue and the capabilities of the z14 to be useful. As for me, I appreciate the security and peace of mind that comes with both the mainframe capabilities and the certificate on my website.

Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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