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Protecting Information

Photo by Kristie Engebretson Anderson

I know firsthand the worry of my personal information possibly being compromised. I try to be as vigilant about protecting it as I can, but sometimes the best efforts still produce unwanted results.

Last winter, a store I shop at weekly experienced a large data breach, and this spring, unauthorized users accessed servers containing student information at the university I attended. In light of these events, I signed up for credit monitoring, which alerts me to suspicious activity.

The best way to avoid information getting into the wrong hands is by being proactive on the front end—before anything happens. This is what IBM is committed to doing. As the amount of information and capability to access it continues to increase, the need to safeguard that data increases as well.

To protect sensitive information, IBM starts with a system built for security and mitigating risk. With System z*, that is what you can expect. In the cover story, A Secure Fortress find out why the mainframe is the most secure choice for managing risk.

With the growing number of access points, users and permissions, safety is important. Businesses must step away from the traditional approach of reactive governance and compliance and embrace a proactive stance of risk management, as outlined in the feature article, Be Proactive in Risk Management.

Find out the major risks identified in a study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute regarding the reputational consequences of business disruptions caused by business continuity or IT security failures, and see your next steps in Being Risk-Aware. Also, meet the man who runs a disaster recovery test every day for a large issuer of credit cards in the case study Credit Where Credit’s Due, and read how Active/Active Sites helps distribute workloads during outages in Ensuring Availability.

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This issue of the magazine has taught me a lot about how to be proactive with my personal information, and I hope it gives your organization the information it needs to make strong, informed decisions on managing risk and increasing security.

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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