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Encryption Importance

pervasive encryption
Photo by Kristie Engebretson Anderson

A few months ago, I was out of the country on vacation when a significant breach of data occurred. With only my mobile phone and Wi-Fi service, I had to determine if I was affected and figure out a course of action. This was all while I was trying to disconnect on vacation, relax and be in the moment.

The IBM z14 system comes with pervasive encryption capabilities to provide peace of mind for IBM Z clients. This allows clients to encrypt all data at scale without changes to their applications. With it, everything that should be encrypted is, and, should someone get access to the system, it’s not easy to identify the sensitive information.

In the cover story “IBM z14 Pervasive Encryption Protects All Data ,” learn how the z14 system is changing the encryption landscape overall. In “IBM Z Addresses GDPR Compliance With Pervasive Encryption,” get a closer look at how the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect in May, will impact organizations, and how pervasive encryption can help with compliance. And in “Improved Protection,” get a technical look at pervasive encryption features.

Also inside, we look at helping organizations with modern practices. In “USAA Integrates Applications and Data Across Platforms Using RESTful APIs,” learn how financial services provider USAA uses RESTful APIs to embrace new and emerging technologies. “IBM Design Thinking Leads to an Elevated User Experience” looks at how IBM Design Thinking can help in the creation of products or services by placing the users’ wants and needs first.

Meet Phil Grabowski, an instructor at Pittsburgh Technical College who enjoys introducing his students to the mainframe. His excitement for the platform is apparent, and he likes speaking up about it. Find out more in “Instructor Brings the Mainframe to Eager Students.”

Included with this issue is the 2018 Mainframe Solutions Edition. You will want to hold on to this, as it’s a resource for technology trends and solutions.

As the amount of sensitive information collected by organizations continues to grow and more compliance standards are put in place, the need for pervasive encryption will become a necessary standard practice. Now, clients can protect all data, and the z14 system is here to help.

Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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