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Good Things in Small Packages

Evelyn Hoover

When I took a job as editor of a community newspaper back in the day, my initial commute was over an hour each way (until my family resettled to the new town). Because he was worried about me driving on the icy Minnesota roads in winter, my husband insisted that I get a cellphone. I remember it well. My bright, shiny phone was the size of a small brick, had less than 1 MB of memory and little connectivity. I used it only in emergencies, like the flat tire I discovered on my way to a rural feature story interview.

Fast-forward to today and my smartphone boasts 64 GB of storage, a multicore processor, 4G connectivity and more. And it’s all packed into a slim form factor that’s barely wider than a bar coaster. The power at my fingertips is amazing and used constantly to check the weather, see the latest Twins score, read email and post pictures on social media.

Good things do come in small packages. That’s no more true than with the new IBM Z* servers that were announced last month. The z14* ZR1 boasts a new system design, including an industry-standard 19-inch rack with lower power costs and a 46 percent smaller footprint, while also having a 10 percent larger capacity compared to z13s*. The LinuxONE* Rockhopper II, also announced last month, provides the most secure Linux platform for data-centric workloads, a shared-everything architecture for higher resource utilization and efficiency, and a competitive total cost of ownership when compared to x86 servers. For more details on the two new systems, see the cover story “Fresh, Flexible and New.”

Because we know how important Linux* is to IBM and to our readers, we also take a deeper dive into why clients rely on Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE to deliver business value. Today’s demanding workloads require a flexible approach for DevOps and deployment. IBM Z clients reap the benefits of flexibility by running Linux along with traditional IBM Z OSes. Read the feature “Flexibility Counts” to learn more.

In this issue’s Trends article “A Unique Cloud Solution,” find out how IBM LinuxONE and IBM Linux on Z were built to support a high performing and secure microservices cloud. In the Administrator article “Expanding the Enterprise,” read about how enterprises of all sizes are working to ensure they’re capable of utilizing cloud and mobile technology securely. IBM’s answer is the z14 ZR1. This single frame model delivers secure capabilities in a smaller, industry-standard frame. The Tech Corner article “Made for Mobile” discusses IBM Db2* V12 for z/OS* and its ability to handle the enormous amounts of data and extreme sizes required for mobile applications.

The only thing constant in technology is change. That’s true of my smartphone but it’s also true of the IBM Z platform. The technology keeps getting better to enable even greater innovation for clients. What do you think of the new systems? Drop me a line and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Evelyn Hoover // Content Director

Evelyn Hoover is the content director of IBM Systems magazine. She can be reached at



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