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Different Cloud Types

IBM cloud
Photo by Kristie Engebretson Anderson

When I started college, I was eager to get my science requirements accomplished, so I took an introduction to meteorology course. I figured that would provide lifelong, helpful information. While I learned a lot, I gained a great deal of knowledge from the discussion on clouds. I had a baseline understanding that different clouds had different shapes and characteristics, but it was interesting to explore more deeply all of the different cloud types and the traits that came with them.

That’s something meteorological clouds share with cloud computing: Different types serve diverse purposes and produce varying outcomes. The IBM z14 platform features hardware and firmware improvements for clients to take advantage of cloud computing capabilities. Find out how organizations can integrate cloud in “Step up to the Cloud.” And “Open and Connected” breaks down the different cloud solutions and how to determine—based on your workloads and needs—what’s right for you.

Picking the right cloud managed service provider can help ensure data is optimally protected. Learn how to integrate cloud into your risk management strategy in “Safer Storage.” Also, cloud can bring modern development and tools to your system. “Mainframe in the API Economy” gives steps to connect applications and data to a hybrid cloud via APIs.

In “Employee Handbook,” a member of the IBM Z Skills Academic Initiative team and a recent mainframe hire explore what clients and organizations can do to recruit, hire and retain top mainframe talent.

As you will read in this issue, the types of clouds available on IBM Z support a variety of workloads and capabilities that are as unique as the shapes and as numerous as the clouds in the sky. To determine the weather, all you must do is look up. To find cloud solutions for your organization, all you must do is look in the pages of this issue of the magazine.

Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor


Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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