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Looking to the Cloud for Support

Photo by Kristie Engebretson Anderson

The cloud has changed how I live my life. When moving across the U.S. from Florida to Minnesota this past winter to take my new job as managing editor of this magazine, I relied on information in the cloud for so many aspects of the 28-hour road trip.

I could access my music to keep me entertained on the drive. I could view documents such as my moving company information or hotel reservations from my phone that I had saved on my laptop before packing it away. My driving companion, my mother, could easily access the information as well. And when searching for moving companies, I collaborated with a friend in a shared spreadsheet comparing options. In short, the cloud made my move go much smoother.

Access to the cloud has become so commonplace and expected by customers that IBM is focusing efforts on making it more available to clients while maintaining the world-class service and security users come to expect. Announced April 8, the IBM Enterprise Cloud System offers a converged stack of System z* hardware, IBM storage and software in one package, allowing clients to be up and running quickly. IBM is responding to clients’ desires to build private and hybrid cloud infrastructures while keeping the quality and scalability offered by System z. Read about the new system in A Cloud in a Box.

As transactions continue migrating to the wireless realm, cloud enablement has become a highly anticipated feature for users of the new CICS* application server. This cloud-enabled server offers clustering capability, meaning that it can handle failures not only at the application level, but also at the system level, decreasing downtime and increasing reliability, as seen in Reliability Amid Change.

And IBM is working with managed service providers (MSPs) to bring the mainframe to clients that might not have the need for an entire mainframe of their own. Find out why MSPs are migrating to System z to bring quality service to others in Bringing the Mainframe to the Masses, and how IBM is providing cloud support to those clients.

Also in this issue, read how Tucson, Ariz.-based SinfoniaRx moved to the IBM Enterprise Linux* Server to enable future growth while staying within a single computing footprint in Good Medicine, searching for information in The Importance of Unstructured Data and how new software provides information directly to the processor to make its computing smarter in Smarter Computing Enablement with New Software.

Now that I’ve settled into my new home and job, I’m still using the cloud. It’s becoming more ingrained in how I use technology and information seamlessly across all parts of my life.

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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