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Blockchain’s Assets

Valerie Dennis
Photo by Kristie Engebretson Anderson

Traits that help with my success as a writer and editor include being organized and thorough, keeping an accurate record of what sources say and story details. With my attention to getting the facts correct, I’m creating trust and accountability for what I write and edit. As a communications professional, words are my most valuable asset.

Likewise, blockchain is built on accuracy and trust, creating a shared, immutable ledger for recording all versions of transactions. This is because two versions of the same information exist. If one version is accessed or changed, the activity is detected. By applying blockchain to various traditional business processes, IBM clients are revamping how they work. Industries from real estate to supply chain to shipping can all benefit. Read about how different industries are applying blockchain in “The Business of Blockchain.”

An important feature of the technology is security. Protecting private distributed ledger technologies from abuse should be a key concern for all blockchain providers. To address this, IBM has designed its cloud offering around technology specifically architected to prevent unauthorized access. Read about the security features in “Added Security.”

And in “Shared Information,” find out how blockchain works with systems of record to integrate data and share assets with that piece of information. Cyber attacks can come from anywhere at any time, and preparation is critical. The Lab Services team for z Systems and LinuxONE group of consultants have proven expertise on the platforms to help clients design and deliver highly available infrastructure solutions. Read about what services they can provide in “To Serve and Protect.”

Also in “Cognitive Conditioning,” find out how IBM researchers use machine learning to make storage smarter.

I trust you will find this issue interesting, as blockchain has the ability to impact us all, from keeping the food we eat safe to maintaining the integrity of important documents about us. And like blockchain, I promise to keep a thorough account of events and interviews in my writing.

Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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