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Ahead of the Times

Valerie Dennis
Photo by Kristie Engebretson Anderson

I first learned about Linux* in 2000 while attending a science and technology university. Friends were spending Saturday nights in their dorm rooms building computer systems featuring a memorable penguin mascot. I was mesmerized watching them develop, troubleshoot and explore, feeling even then they were doing great things. It seems like eons ago, and in technology terms, it was.

That was the same year Linux became available on the IBM z Systems* platform. In the time since, technology has changed tremendously, and IBM z* has led this, offering clients support for both traditional and new workloads, including cloud, DevOps and analytics, to keep ahead of today’s needs. Find out more in “Strength in Collaboration.”

To support Linux on z Systems, the Open Mainframe Project was developed under the stewardship of the Linux Foundation. It comprises educational institutions, clients, business partners, nonprofits and individuals who work on open-source technical projects. Read more about the group in the feature “Community Computing.”

In this month’s Tech Showcase “Shift-Left Testing Improves Success,” discover how performing automated testing earlier in the DevOps cycle can lead to improved quality and reduced risk.

The recently released IBM DB2* 12 is built to handle large amounts of data for cloud, mobile and analytics. The new version’s features include performance enhancements, customized fields and migration improvements. Read about these and more in “Database Development.”

When it comes to cloud, many options are available. Learn what to consider when determining whether private or hybrid cloud or a managed service provider is right for your needs in “Choosing the Right Cloud.”

Technology has advanced significantly since 2000, and I’m convinced my former classmates are doing great things with their computer science degrees. And with Linux on z Systems, clients can take advantage of new workloads to accomplish more on the platform.

Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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Ahead of the Times

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