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Remodeling The Data Warehouse

System z as the hub of a workload-optimized, business-analtyics system

Today’s world is increasingly interconnected and intelligent. We’re experiencing a revolution, and information is at the heart of it. Businesses taking full advantage of this new wealth of information to make more intelligent decisions are rising to the top.

One key transition occurring is operational business intelligence (BI). It’s not enough for an enterprise to capture data, it also must extract information and transform it into actionable knowledge. These applications require real-time or near real-time information availability, along with accelerated reporting cycles and progressively shorter extract, transformation and load windows.

These new requirements emphasize the need for an environment capable of high volumes of Web services managed in a service oriented architecture (SOA), while providing the availability, security and scalability necessary to stay aligned with operational systems. The shifts don’t merely change the requirements that data warehouse designs must meet, they mandate a rethinking of the data-warehouse architecture.

Accelerating Smarter Decisions

The IBM Smart Analytics System 9600 meets these needs by giving your organization the speed to create the insights to work smarter in this challenging environment. The software, hardware and services package is part of a family of unique, deeply integrated and optimized, ready-to-use analytics solutions.

These offerings ensure you can quickly respond to ever-changing business conditions to uncover and capture new revenue opportunities for your organization.



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A Centralized Business Analytics Environment Delivers Greater Value

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