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Reference Materials

There are a couple of APARs that you should be aware of, if for no other reason than to extend the information you have available to you about an accelerator-only table. To view the information, go to the Support Portal and type in the document number.

Not an APAR, but rather a Tech Note that contains release notes for PTF 5 (V4.1 PTF 5 Release Notes), it gives an overview of everything be delivered in the DB2 Analytics Accelerator PTF 5.

PI30376: NEW FUNCTION ON DB2 10 FOR z/OS is the APAR that introduced accelerator-only tables along with in-database transformation (IDT) and temporal query offload. APAR PI30376 closed March 31 and applies to DB2 10 only. APAR PI30376 also requires that APARs PI30375, PI30377 and PI31445 be applied to enable accelerator-only tables.

PI35818: NEW FUNCTION ON DB2 11 FOR z/OS the primary APAR that introduces accelerator-only tables along with IDT and temporal query offload to DB2 11. The cover of this APAR contains all the functionality details. The APARs PI35818, PI35817, PI35819, PI35820 PI35821 be applied together because a codependency exist between them. All five APARs were closed July 2 and applies only to DB2 11 for z/OS.

PI38336: SQLCODE950 WHEN A QUERY TRIES TO OFFLOAD TO AN ACCELERATOR resolves on issue with DB2 incorrectly detect a -950. This fairly new APAR closed May 22 and applies to both DB2 10 and DB2 11.

Another APAR that closed June 24 that might be of interest is PI35930: MULTIPLE FIXES FOR ACCELERATOR ONLY TABLES. It’s for both DB2 10 and DB2 11 and is marked as a HIPER, meaning it should definitely be considered applying.

If you are new to Analytics Accelerator or need a quick refresher, what follows are a couple of resources that might interest you.

IBM had a webcast June 23 that should be of great interest considering it’s scheduling in proximity to PTF5 being available. Check out the replay of Gary Crupi presenting “Enterprise-ready Analytics and IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator.”

Crupi recently blogged about the Accelerator’s modeling feature. You can catch Gary’s guest post at “Why and How you should be using the DB2 Analytics Accelerator modeling feature.”

An IBM Redbooks “Reliability and Performance with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V4.1” from late 2014 is good.

If you are more of a watch-it-on-my-computer kind of person, IBM Fellow Namik Hrle did a DB2Night Show session Z34: "IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: The Next Generation" on Jan. 19, 2013, that may be of interest. It may be a bit old but it’s still well worth a look-see. Hrle is an excellent speaker with an in-depth knowledge of all things IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator.


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