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Figure 2

Component   Function
Source replication engine Classic CDC

The source engine is a Classic data server that runs in its own z/OS address space. The data server contains the services and other components that manage replication and process changes. The data server manages change data capture and refresh processing by coordinating the components and activities. It also:

  • Maintains metadata that describes subscriptions and replication mappings to ensure accurate replication
  • Processes commands from users or from remote configuration and administration tools
  • Transfers change messages to the target engine over a TCP/IP connection
Source replication engine configuration and administration tool Classic Data Architect

This is the GUI tool that comes with Classic CDC. It connects to the source engine from a client workstation to simplify configuration tasks and create table mappings.

Table mappings are metadata structures that define logical relational tables and column schemas for the IMS data to be replicated, describing how the IMS data should be repackaged before it is sent to the IIDR-CDC target engine.

These logical tables become the source data stores for replication subscriptions defined by the target replication engine's GUI tools.

Target replication engine IIDR- CDC

The IIDR-CDC target engine receives change messages from the source engine and applies the changes to the specified target tables in the correct order. It also tracks restart positions, performs code page conversions, exchanges metadata about subscriptions and replication mappings with the source engine to validate your deployment, and processes commands from users or from remote configuration and administration tools.

Target replication engine configuration and administration tools IIDR-CDC's
(1) Management Console
(2) Access Server


Management Console configures and monitors replication from a client workstation.

Management Console connects to the Access Server for authentication purposes. Access Server creates datastores and users, assigns roles and privileges to users, and authenticates and connects users to datastores.


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