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Replicate Data Easily With InfoSphere Classic Change Data Capture for z/OS

IBM IMS Database Synchronization to Non-IMS Targets

Now that we've covered basic characteristics of the data synchronization environment, let's look at the details of IMS as a source in this change-driven data synchronization environment.

IBM InfoSphere Classic Change Data Capture for z/OS (Classic-CDC) captures changes to non-relational mainframe data and delivers them to IBM InfoSphere Data Replication's Change Data Capture (IIDR-CDC) product that delivers the changes into a target data store, producing an accurate relational replica of your mainframe data on supported target databases in near-real time.

To capture changes made to your IMS databases, Classic-CDC reads data from the IMS database logs to capture the changes. It then packages the changes as discrete change messages that contain a relational description of the insert, update and delete operations on the data, and sends the change messages to an IIDR-CDC target engine, which applies the changes to a supported target database (see Figure 1). See Figure 2 for the components and functions.

Consolidate Business Data

IBM's data replication solutions are ideally suited to consolidating key business data from diverse operational systems to:

  • Drive better operational decisions for everything from pricing, merchandizing, inventory management, performance management, market management and more
  • Increase responsiveness to business events and capitalize on upcoming business opportunities through event detection
  • Synchronize information across channels
  • Consolidate financial reporting across a range of business units
  • Discover the hidden relationships and opportunities within your data
  • Improve customer satisfaction with the right data at the right time
  • Drive new business models by breaking down information silos
  • Improve responsiveness by remove information integration bottlenecks

Karen Durward is an IBM InfoSphere software product manager specializing in System z data integration.

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