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Maintaining Storage Business Continuity

How HyperSwap Manager helps keep your business running.

How HyperSwap Manager helps keep your business running.

Whether your company is a multi-national corporation or a small-town business, data continuity is paramount to keeping revenues flowing. Data loss from planned or unplanned events is unacceptable - whether from maintenance, a storm or something else. Data loss can not only cut into revenues, it can put your company at risk in other ways. Recent regulatory requirements in the healthcare and financial sectors increased emphasis on data integrity and availability. Ensuring that a company's data is available and accurate is no longer just the purview of the CTO and IT department. These days, it's also the concern of CEOs and CFOs, who are held accountable under these regulations.

That's a weighty burden for the IT department to carry. If your business runs on IBM* z/OS* or Linux* on z/VM* system mainframes, the task of maintaining high data availability and continuity can be handled simply and easily. The installation of IBM's HyperSwap* Manager (HM) helps provide the high availability (HA) needed and helps protect your data from disk outages.

HM's full name is Geographical Dispersed Parallel Sysplex*/Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (GDPS*/PPRC) HyperSwap Manager. That places HM in the GDPS family of IBM solutions. GDPS is designed to offer customers quick recovery and automated data control. PPRC, recently renamed Metro Mirror, is a hardware solution that mirrors data from primary disks to secondary disks located either on the same campus or within a metropolitan-sized area (no farther than 62 miles, or 100 km, away from each other). HM expands the HA attributes of Parallel Sysplex* availability to the disk subsystems, providing almost continuous access to data, even during outages. HM automatically switches between the primary and secondary copies of the data without incurring an application outage. Data isn't lost, and users can keep working, keeping your business going and preserving your data's integrity.

While it appears from its full name that HM is an application that needs the full GDPS/PPRC environment to work efficiently, that's not the case. HM actually is an entry-level application, making it a good choice for companies wishing to move into the GDPS/PPRC environment slowly. "HM just monitors for Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) failure, helping customers manage disk outages. It also provides an entry point for GDPS technology and automated solutions for tape, network, server, OS, DB and applications, including workload balancing," says John Power, worldwide IBM System Storage* business continuity marketing manager.

Providing Business Continuity

While unplanned outages get all the news coverage, planned outages are a daily occurrence at most companies. "Planned outages account for over 60 percent of outages that occur," notes Power. What's a planned outage? Maybe you're adding security patches to a system or replacing a new disk subsystem. Instead of IT sending out messages to users that the application will be down for planned maintenance, the required maintenance can be done without disrupting work flow.

Many companies appreciate that HM is a same-site solution. "You're not bound to the same floor or the same building, but most often you find HM on a single campus," Power says. HM is "a highly available solution. If there's an outage involving the disk subsystem, whether it be within the disk subsystem itself or other environmental outage, you can recover quickly," he says.

"Every customer is different and unique in their business needs and process design and policy management. We'll tailor our solution to meet the customer's need." -John Power, worldwide IBM System Storage business continuity marketing manager

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at



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