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Develop Cloud Applications and Meet Consumer Expectations with the IBM CICS V5.2 Application Server

Illustration by Mario Wagner

The capability to take nearly any service and offer it to consumers on the go is revolutionizing the way people consume products and services, communicate and do business.

This reality—combined with recent developments in cloud technology—means applications have quickly become a primary focus for today’s leading organizations. However, the convenience and mobility that applications offer don’t come without unexpected consequences, such as greater consumer expectations.

A dramatic and rapid increase in customer demand means that developers face an even higher number of challenges in order to keep applications current, relevant and secure—all while running at optimal performance. If an application is unavailable or underperforming when users attempt to access it, they may become frustrated and turn to a competing service provider. To uphold the delicate balance of creating, updating, deploying and maintaining first-class applications, developers must operate on a solid platform.

Introducing CICS V5.2

To understand the significant role the cloud-enabled IBM CICS* V5.2 application server plays, it’s important first to understand that, for decades, the CICS application server has been a trustworthy and reliable transaction server as technologies have evolved. More recently, it has transitioned to become a robust, full-service application server that leverages a proven legacy of consistent reliability.

As transactions continue migrating to the wireless realm—including an exponentially growing number of mobile- and cloud-based applications—cloud enablement has become a highly anticipated feature for CICS users. Longtime CICS users turn to the platform they know and trust to maintain pace with the latest advancements in application development.

Predominantly run on the IBM z/OS* platform (as well as other versions that run on IBM z/VSE*, Power* and System x* offerings), the cloud-enabled CICS V5.2 application server has made significant advances. With improved functionality in service agility and operational efficiency, the latest CICS server goes above and beyond the capabilities of previous versions. But the sheer volume of capabilities it supports makes it stand out as the application server that developers can confidently embrace.

Benefits of Cloud Enablement

At the foundation of the CICS V5.2 application server is its capability to host multiple applications and multiple versions of the same application at the same time. This is due in large part to a substantial increase in the scalability of its platform. Equally important to this functionality is its heterogeneous code environment, which offers developers a single environment to work with Java* and older languages, such as COBOL, C/C++ and PL/I.

Matthew Webster is with the IBM Software Group, Application and Integration Middleware Software.



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