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Disaster Planning Pays Big Dividends

A D/R plan is essential in today's environment.

A D/R plan is essential in today's environment.


In today's regulated environment (especially in Canada and the US), you cannot get away without some D/R plan and testing. You should test at least once a year. And, you should test all the platforms that make up your application portfolio.

Most sites do not back up and recover the testing environment, but I have seen failures caused by that. Sometimes a developer, or a technician, can have a program or a job that will turn a possible failure into a success.

The key to a successful D/R team, let alone a test, still depends on the engagement of your senior management and a commitment from the business. D/R is like any other form of insurance: the more you invest the better the dividend.

Ted MacNeil is a capacity/performance analyst with more than 25 years in the IBM mainframe environment. Ted can be reached at



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