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Business Flexibility and Agility through Application-Driven Data Management

Identifying mission-critical data and ensuring its successful backup and recovery.

Identifying mission-critical data and ensuring its successful backup and recovery.

Information is your organization's most important asset. That's why intelligent day-to-day data management is critical.

The information that requires the highest priority for backing up - and the greatest precedence for recovery - should be the data most needed by your mission-critical applications. Unfortunately, identifying this data and ensuring its successful backup and recovery can be difficult.

This article addresses the challenges you face as you work to effectively backup and recover data. I'll cover primary pain points and explain how to efficiently solve them with the right application-driven data management (ADDM) practices.

Challenges of Ensuring Recoverability

As data volumes increase and budgets tighten, improving efficiencies and creating cost savings through application and infrastructure automation and centralization is vital. As you work to ensure your business users always have the information they need, your ability to guarantee the agility of your datacenter is mission critical. But, agility isn't just about responding to change quickly and efficiently - it's also about sensing change.

Virtually no organization will be agile if its data center and infrastructure aren't. What's more, agility should be measured in a way that makes sense to your business. Considerations include the time and costs necessary to:

  • Deploy a new service
  • Roll out a new capability
  • Eliminate an old service
  • React to changing business requirements

In addition, improving agility requires asking questions such as: could this event have been predicted, and what can I change next time to sense this kind of incident before it occurs?

Rebecca Levesque is senior vice president of 21st Century Software. Rebecca can be reached at



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