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A Backup and Recovery Strategy for z/OS Domino Servers

All IT organizations face the continuing challenge of maintaining an effective backup and recovery strategy. A company's vital infrastructure must be protected against everything, from the failure of a single laptop to a natural disaster that disables an entire division of the organization.

Imagine you've been given the task of managing the backup and recovery strategy for thousands of OS/390* and z/OS* Lotus* Domino* servers (Releases 5 and 6). You can backup all your Domino servers on a single z/OS image by using Tivoli* Storage Manager (TSM) for Mail. Once TSM is installed on each z/OS image, you can use its command line interface to perform backup and recovery operations. You can execute a command to backup a database, restore a database, see which databases have been backed up already for the servers on this image and so on.

This is fine if you want to manage each z/OS image individually. But what if you want to manage hundreds of z/OS images and Domino servers? When the process becomes too large and difficult for one person to handle, the IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Message and Collaboration product can come to the rescue. This product provides a central interface that lets you:

  • Monitor the health of your Domino servers running on z/OS
  • Manage the backup and recovery operations of all of the servers

Once you install and use IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Message and Collaboration to monitor the health of your z/OS Domino servers, you can easily configure the product to use the TSM for Mail client on the z/OS image. Then you can use one laptop to manage all of an organizations Domino servers on all of its z/OS images. Simply launch the Messaging and Collaboration Management client to interact with a management region, as shown in Figure 1.

You can direct the management client to connect to a Tivoli Management Region (TMR) where you can perform all of the TSM for Mail client commands against the Lotus Domino server objects. With the click of a button, you can perform an incremental or selective backup of a single database, or every database or template on a z/OS Domino server. Queries can be sent to the Domino server to receive a list of databases and templates that can be backed up.

Scott Kinane is a software engineer and project manager with IBM. Scott can be reached at



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