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New IBM PurePower Converged Infrastructure System Saves Time and Resources

Illustration by Andy Potts

Organizations that value simplicity and flexibility are choosing converged infrastructure systems for their data centers because it provides greater agility and faster provisioning time, and requires fewer client resources. IBM PurePower System is IBM’s next-generation converged infrastructure offering. Launched in the second quarter, it’s a fully tested, preintegrated, multinode system with an integrated management stack built on open standards and the strengths of POWER8* technology. The PurePower System can be up and running in a few hours and is flexible enough to readily handle new capabilities and components.

What Is Converged Infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure is a prebuilt and preintegrated hardware and software system with a simplified and optimized platform and centralized management. PurePower System, IBM’s converged infrastructure system, offers these attributes:

PurePower System leverages the superior virtualization technology of PowerVM, the industry’s only hypervisor with zero documented security vulnerabilities.

IBM collaborations with companies in the OpenPOWER Foundation are driving the kind of rapid innovation cycle that the company believes will ultimately provide greater choice and transformation in the data center, overtaking the current x86 paradigm.

Customers can rely on PurePower to quickly yet securely deliver insights in the cloud.

PurePower System has Red Hat Linux 7.1 LE with little endian support, making it ideal for migrating Linux workloads to the Power Systems platform.

The flexible design of PurePower System is built on open standards and allows organizations to implement changes as business needs evolve.

PurePower System is the next-generation of converged infrastructure and has every detail needed to bring a rack of servers online, such as cabling, power management, OS images, physical networking and storage. Without the need for provisioning and configuring, PurePower frees businesses to focus on higher-value activities.

In early 2014, IBM boldly stated a full commitment to open Power Systems* ecosystems and partnerships. This included Linux*, open standards and participation in the OpenPOWER Foundation to bring a pipeline of community innovation to the platform. “PurePower is an example of this new vision. It’s not just talk; it’s walk,” says Marc Richardson, offering manager, Power* scale-out systems. “This offering is designed to deliver the optimal combination of rapid time to value of a converged infrastructure system with the flexibility of choice delivered from open technologies.”

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at



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