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Unleashing Rational Developer for Linux

Version 8 provides powerful tools for open-source users

Version 8 provides powerful tools for open-source users

Many programmers benefit from IBM Rational* Developer for Power Systems Software* (RD for Power). Now those working on Linux* can employ powerful new tools provided by Rational Developer for Power Systems version 8.0 (RD for Power v8). To learn more about this release, IBM Systems Magazine spoke with George Farr, worldwide market manager, Power* tools and compilers, IBM Toronto Laboratories.

Q: George, can you provide an overview on Rational Developer for Power?

A: RD for Power provides a great set of integrated development tools for organizations to create and maintain applications on IBM Power Systems* servers. These include remote file management, searching, editing, analysis, build and debug.

These development tools help organizations reap the productivity gains of moving from older text-based, command-line development tools to an integrated development environment (IDE). There’s also a staffing benefit since you can attract and retain new talent, many of whom are already familiar with the Eclipse workbench. That helps to lower training costs for new hires.

RD for Power is really versatile, too. It supports the common programming languages used on Power Systems servers, such as Java*; C/C++ on Linux; C/C++ and COBOL on AIX*; and RPG, C/C++ and COBOL on IBM i. I think there’s a lot to be said about using RD for Power in combination with IBM’s Power Systems compilers and IBM Rational Team Concert* product.

Q: RD for Power v8 has just been released. What are the functional highlights and how will they benefit companies?

A: Version 8 enhancements include Linux-specific tools and applications. The new features will benefit customers running Power Linux, but who don’t have a state-of-the-art tooling to do their development work. RD for Power v8 contains far more productivity enhancements for Linux tooling than the traditional green-screen tooling. It will improve a programmer’s productivity, performance and time to market.

If you’re working in a multiple development environment using different languages and operating systems on Power technology, and are distributed in multiple locations, RD for Power v8 will give you a single tool with the same look and feel. It will work with all the languages and operating systems. And it will work no matter which location you work in. Since RD for Power v8 has tight integration with Rational Team Concert, it will add capabilities for collaboration across teams, version control, change management, compile-error feedback and work planning—all within a single integrated environment. That’s pretty powerful.

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at



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