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Room to Spare

VoiceWave saves money for itself and its customers with BladeCenter and Power 750 technology

VoiceWave saves money for itself and its customers with BladeCenter and Power 750 technology
VoiceWave's Brandon Clark says a reduced IT footprint helps the company pass savings on to customers. Photo by Robert Seale

Up Close

Customer: VoiceWave
Headquarters: Addison, Texas
Business: Application and telephony hosting
Challenge: Reducing IT expenses while improving server efficiencies
Solution: Deploying IBM BladeCenter technology and an IBM Power 750 Express server to reduce its IT footprint, decrease licensing fees and improve overall computing performance
Hardware: An IBM Power 750 Express server and seven IBM BladeCenter chasses
Software: 2X Software’s 2X ApplicationServer and Asterisk communications server

Many people take floor space for granted. If you have extra, hey, why not put something there, like maybe business files going back 20 years? Unfortunately, this sometimes holds true for data centers. Spot for a server? Get one, fire it up and slap an app on it.

That’s a slight exaggeration, of course, but servers, especially one-offs dedicated to single tasks, can quickly proliferate, and once-roomy data centers can eventually feel cramped. And then there’s the cost associated with cooling that space, which can add up quickly.

One company that noticed that trend is VoiceWave. An application and PBX/VOIP phone-service hosting company, it had seen a dramatic increase in deployed servers over the years, especially as it continued to grow and acquire new companies and customers. To compensate, the company even considered creating an additional data center to house all of the boxes it was running.

After careful consideration, however, it decided a better course of action would be to rethink its entire IT infrastructure. Smaller, more powerful machines had to exist that could replace its big, aging, single-purpose servers. So why not deploy them instead of banging out another data center that would bring additional costs and likely become just as crowded as the current one?

So VoiceWave consolidated much of its application hosting to seven IBM BladeCenter* chasses—all but one of which have a full complement of individual blades—and its entire phone-service hosting to a single IBM Power* 750 Express server running CentOS Linux*. Now, VoiceWave has plenty of room to grow, while also decreasing its energy use. As Brandon Clark, VoiceWave VP of operations, puts it, “We fit everything into the same space—with room to spare—while increasing server performance and reducing our energy consumption.”

“I might have had to go out and buy two or three HP servers for one IBM server, so we saved a lot just on hardware.” —Brandon Clark, VP of operations, VoiceWave

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