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Knowledge is Power


In our article, "The Education Challenge," we share the value of education and the challenges businesses face to fit the expenses into their budgets. Ongoing education is vital to the life and growth of your business. Knowledgeable employees are happier, more open to technology changes and ultimately more productive.

Luckily, education resources abound! As promised, here's a list of links to some of the best education options we've discovered. Keep in mind, this list is not comprehensive but rather the top resources we personally find helpful for the industries we're in. We've separated the resources into five main categories: free technical information, social media, online training, on-site classes, and off-site classes and conferences.

We're sure you'll find value for your employees and your business.

Free Technical Information

You'll find a significant number of available education resources once you start looking, and yet the sense is that they're largely untapped by the masses. Some examples of free technical resources we find helpful include:

IBM Information Centers
    »For IBM i and System i
    »For System p and AIX 
IBM developerWorks, a resource for developers and IT professionals
Magazines such as IBM Systems Magazine and System iNews have a tremendous set of archived articles contains searchable resources for i developers
w3schools offer full Web-building tutorials
Wikis from IBM and

Additionally, several weekly and monthly e-mail blasts are wonderful resources as they cover a vast array of topics. These include:

COMMON Connector
IBM Redbooks Weekly Newsletter, also provides a search to all Redbooks and Redpapers
IBM Systems Magazine
IT Jungle
MC Press Online
System i Network
Tech Target


Charles Guarino is the founder and president of Central Park Data Systems, a New York-based IBM midrange consulting company.

Kim Greene is the owner of Kim Greene Consulting Inc. and an IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems—IBM i edition technical editor. Kim can be reached at

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