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It's a Grand Slam


Few companies run just one OS in their IT environments. The IBM* eServer i5 system can handle not only i5/OS* (the next generation of OS/400*) but also Linux* in a partition, Windows* via the Integrated xSeries* Server (IXS) or Integrated xSeries Adapter (IXA) and AIX*, IBMs UNIX* operating system (OS). Not all iSeries customers will run all of these OSs, but many will do so and having the choice is certainly an advantage.


With this information in mind, IBM designed a new eServer i5 benchmark called the Virtualization Grand Slam Benchmark, which illustrates running multiple applications consolidated into a single box, in this case an eServer i5 570 8-way with 128 GB of main memory and 237 35-GB disk drives.


"This benchmark really showcases the integration and virtualization capabilities that IBM has to offer. It demonstrates to a customer how they can run applications used in their business on one machine and eliminate the complexity of managing multiple servers," says IBMs David Bruce, worldwide iSeries marketing manager. "They can simplify management and have the system automatically handle spikes in application workloads. They can have the system automatically shift resources when processing requires it. So its really a showcase of some of the best features of the iSeries product line."


Benchmark Goals

The Virtualization Grand Slam Benchmark was designed to achieve four major goals:


1. Demonstrate the capabilities of the eserver i5 server as a consolidation platform for multiple applications and OSs.

2. Show how hardware and software applications can be virtualized to make a single server appear as though it were multiple servers.

3. Demonstrate how simple management of heterogeneous OSs and application environments can be.

4. Use POWER5* processors to demonstrate the iSeries servers scalability with popular commercial applications.


To achieve these goals, IBM decided to simulate a real-world customer situation, using real-world applications like PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne, a manufacturing, distribution and financials package. To make the benchmark as realistic as possible, the IBM testers took the software out of the box and installed it without the kinds of laboratory tweaking sometimes used in benchmark scenarios.


"Everything about it says this is something you could find in any business today, rather than a laboratory," Bruce adds.




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