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How Old Is Your Infrastructure?


Last fall, I bought a new smartphone after resisting this purchase decision for months. For the most part, I told myself, my phone was still “working just fine” and it would be silly to spend the money on a new phone if my current one wasn’t actually broken. In reality, I would regularly delete apps from my phone when I needed to add new ones, and then delete the new ones and add others back on an as-needed basis. This process was an annoyance, but again, I rationalized that my phone was still working just fine in general and technically met my basic needs, so it would be a frivolous expense to buy a new one just because of the app situation.

I can’t remember exactly what pushed me to finally go and buy a new phone, but I can tell you that it has been a total game-changer for me. Overnight, I felt my stress level decrease as I no longer had to play the “which apps to delete today” game. But this purchase improved my life in many other ways that I didn’t expect.

Since my new phone is faster and more responsive, I have made greater use of it and actively sought out new ways I can leverage my phone to make my life easier. I now use my phone as my primary tool for everything from controlling lights around my house to organizing my personal photo collection to participating in web meetings for work while on the go.

Whereas I used to treat my phone as the emergency backup for situations where I might not have my laptop readily accessible, now, in many instances, that scenario has been completely flipped.

Many of you may find yourselves in a similar situation related to the servers running your business. Your system may still be “running just fine.” It may have enough memory to meet your basic needs. Your budget is tight and upgrading your infrastructure doesn’t seem like a critical purchase right now. But what possibilities would open up for your business if you were able to operate faster and more efficiently day-to-day? What could you achieve with an infrastructure platform that makes it easier to innovate? How much stress might be relieved knowing that your business is running on servers with end-to-end security to help protect your most critical data in an environment where 28 percent of organizations are likely to experience a data breach in the next 24 months?

We live in a world of such rapid change that it’s nearly impossible to stay totally on top of the latest technology changes, but there are significant differences between running your data center on infrastructure that’s totally up-to-date, or even just one generation old, versus two or three or four generations back.

Performance isn’t the only issue to consider–there are real security risks associated with running on old infrastructure that lacks the latest protections for your mission-critical data. On top of all this, you may be paying more than you need to by remaining on older servers that are (or soon will be) reaching their end of life date.

From POWER5 to POWER9, we’ve seen a 4.6x improvement in performance, which can help your business run faster and more efficiently, setting you up to achieve greater success.

All POWER9  servers provide end-to-end security from the chip level to the software, helping to protect your most critical workloads. Additionally, our POWER9 family of servers is built to support your cloud strategy and enable you to harness the possibilities of artificial intelligence. And POWER9 continues to deliver the industry-leading reliability that you’ve come to trust and expect from IBM Power Systems.

So, how old is your infrastructure?


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