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Three Predictions for RPG and BPM

Get Started With BPM

To start your BPM journey, several good videos produced by one of the leading IBM BPM trainers can be found at Just by way of explanation, you’ll also see mention of ODM, IBM’s high-end business rule management system. I suspect ODM is beyond what’s needed for replacing typical IBM i applications, but would useful in applications with a large volume of complex, constantly evolving business rules.

IBM also provides an excellent tool to explore BPM. BlueworksLive is a cloud-based tool for process discovery, which means it helps lead the organization toward a process-centric way of looking at systems. It also begins the transition to a new model of user and IT roles and collaboration. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial to check it out. It’s not, however, the actual BPM development and management product, but rather a tool for process exploration, basic prototyping and team collaboration.

IBM is consistently rated as a top BPM leader by Gartner Group and has an extensive product line. It’s priced based on CPU power and users, which helps put it in the range of affordability for many IBM i organizations.

I’m happy to answer questions or connect you with the right resources via email.

Steve Kilner is the creator of several software products and methodologies for the IBM i world. He writes a regular blog ( Steve can be reached at

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