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Your Input Needed: IBM Systems Media Reader Survey

IBM Systems Magazine

IBM Systems Media is undertaking a comprehensive reader survey to better understand the interests and concerns of readers. The 2017 readership survey covers a variety of topics and includes questions on readership demographics, IT budgets, planned purchases, current IT infrastructure, software deployments, IBM Systems Media content preferences and more.

The 2017 readership survey also offers a bit of a wrinkle. In addition to the topics previously mentioned, the IBM Systems Media staff included a series of personal questions designed to flesh out the personalities of IBM’s unique customer set, driving engagement for our valued readers.

The data derived from the 2017 readership survey will be used to develop an eight-page Special Report that will provide a portrait of the IBM Systems Media readership from a multitude of perspectives. The Special Report will be published in the September issue.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts by taking our reader survey. Those who complete the survey can also be entered in a drawing for an iPad mini.

Doug Rock is publisher of IBM Systems Magazine. Doug can be reached at

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