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LISUG Wins With Second-Annual Night of 1000 Stars

Long Island Systems User Group (LISUG) did it again! Earlier this month and for the second year in a row LISUG held it’s Night of 1000 Stars. The single charge was to deliver any IT topic in six to eight minutes. The reduced presentation time allowed seven LISUG attendees to speak before the group in one evening. Keeping the presentation time short allowed us to cast a wider net because the presenters didn’t need to prepare a traditional session’s worth of content. Even with the short presentation time one would be surprised how much content can be delivered.

Given the success of two years of stars this format will become a permanent fixture in the session semester. Our members were enthusiastic at showcasing some of their favorite topics. This format is a great morale booster for membership. The group organizers benefit as well because it alleviates the sometimes arduous task of finding a speaker for one meeting.

The topics presented at the meeting were:

  • Simple Photography Website
  • Encryption Depiction
  • Image Catalogs Made Easy
  • Using 2-Factor Authentication
  • The Most Useful Apps You Never Heard of
  • IBM i Surprise
  • iMagic/IBM i Magic Tricks

For more information on LISUG’s Night of 1000 Stars visit

Charles Guarino is the founder and president of Central Park Data Systems, a New York-based IBM midrange consulting company.

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