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New Name, Continued Innovation

IBM introduces the IBM System i5 family and a new i5/OS release, V5R4

IBM introduces the IBM System i5 family and a new i5/OS release, V5R4

Continuing its innovation and investment in the iSeries* product line, IBM announced a new look and a new name for the system Jan. 31. In line with the IBM* Systems Agenda, rolled out earlier in 2005, the new hardware carry the IBM System i5* moniker. The iSeries system, and its predecessor the AS/400* server, have long been the hallmark of what a system should be by delivering integration and simplicity.

While the new systems carry a blue highlight on the outside, what's most impressive is what's on the inside-the latest POWER5+* processors and a long list of enhancements delivered with the new release of i5/OS* V5R4 (for details on the i5/OS announcement, see the article, "V5R4 Has What You Need" on page 32). The POWER5+ processors deliver impressive performance capabilities via the underlying technology of these chips. The new processors have been reduced in size by moving to 90-nanometer technology, which in turn lowers power consumption, improves energy efficiency and reduces heat.

"Our strategic focus areas for 2006 are to support solutions innovation, help our customers simplify IT and enhance System i5 skills in the market," explains Peter Bingaman, vice president of System i5 marketing. "Supporting these strategies are product announcements to drive solutions innovation including: impressive new performance capability for the model 520 enabling new applications in the low-end, and improved resiliency and compliance features in our new i5/OS V5R4 release. We will also deliver powerful new tools to conquer complexity with POWER5+ technology-driven performance, simplified offerings on the System i5 570."

To find out the details on the hardware aspects of the announcement, read on.

Model Refresh

By refreshing the entire System i5 product lineup with the latest advanced POWER5* processors, customers can expect to experience performance improvements from the smallest model 520 to the largest, enterprise-class model 595.

Model 520-The most impressive performance improvements are delivered for the model 520, which for the first time is delivered with Capacity on Demand capabilities of the Accelerator for System i5 feature. Customers will be able to leverage the full processing power of the new 1.9 GHz POWER5+ processors in even the 520 entry offerings.

With the Accelerator for System i5 features for the model 520 Express and Value editions, customers can purchase systems with traditional performance capability-600 CPW for example-to run their current applications. Then in the future, when they choose to deploy new applications built on WebSphere* or Java*, they can order and activate the additional processing capability on demand. There's no need to spend the extra time and money to upgrade their systems as in the past. The 520 Express and Value edition models come with 600, 1200 or 3800 CPW, depending on whether the Accelerator for System i5 feature is included on the initial order.

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