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What’s New in HATS V8

Version 8 of Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) offers rich, extensible UI transformation and flexible Web services options, plus support for iPad. If your business relies on green-screen applications, HATS can help you realize new value from those feature-rich, mission-critical applications. Without requiring modification to your existing applications, or even requiring access to source code or screen maps, HATS enables you to quickly transform your text-based terminal applications to intuitive Web, portlet, rich-client or mobile device UIs. You can also gain additional reuse and flexibility by extending the business logic from these established applications as standard Web services.

HATS V8, which became available Aug. 12, 2011, offers new, exciting capabilities that further strengthen HATS’ ability to provide practical, low cost, low risk, industrial-strength UI transformation and service enablement.

The focus of HATS V8 is on taking advantage of modern, powerful technologies and adding capabilities that further improve HATS’ ability to do what it does best: UI transformation for a wide variety of access options, and easy Web service creation. HATS V8 provides:

  • HATS Dojo widgets, plus the ability to customize the UI using the Dojo Toolkit and IBM extensions that are integrated with IBM Rational IDEs
  • RESTful Web services support
  • JSR286 standard portlet support
  • iPad support
  • Support for the latest runtimes and IBM Rational IDEs

Dojo Widgets

Dojo is a popular open-source JavaScript toolkit for building Web applications. It provides a set of powerful, dynamic UI widgets that go beyond what can be easily coded in HTML.

With HATS V8 you can use new HATS Dojo widgets (see Figure 1) to further polish the user experience of your application. These widgets take advantage of built-in Dojo capabilities such as easy data validation with the validation text box to reduce data entry errors, or the enhanced grid widget to increase end-user productivity by allowing operations such as sorting.

In addition to the new HATS Dojo widgets, an advanced option called “Transforming for Dojo Editing” provides further extensibility by allowing customization and transformation of the new HATS Dojo widgets using the Dojo Toolkit that is integrated with IBM Rational IDEs such as IBM Rational Developer for i for SOA Construction. This puts the full power of the Dojo Toolkit at your fingertips.

Alisa Morse is offering manager for IBM Z Enterprise DevOps portfolio products and solutions including IBM Developer for z Systems, IBM Debug for z Systems, IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS and IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems. She is responsible for driving DevOps for Enterprise Systems offering strategy to meet the needs of IBM Z software delivery teams.

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