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More Storage Goodies

Web Exclusive | A quick summary of the latest announcements

April 2011

Fruitful Storage

Cover Story | Customers explore SANs for high availability and data mining

July 2009

Freeze Frame

Features | Save while active provides storage snapshots without downtime

July 2009

Getting Enough Fibre?

Features | i5/OS V6R1 provides a new and significantly improved SAN-attach capability and performance.

April 2008

Challenges and Choices

Features | When it comes to choosing a storage architecture, System i customers have the luxury of choice.

February 2007

iSeries Server Plays in the SAN Box

Features |

December 2003

Thinking Outside the Box

Cover Story | System i enhancements mean increased storage options for users.

October 2006

The Name Game

Storage |

November 2004



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