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Kisco Announces Update For IBM i System Monitoring Tool

Saranac Lake, NY, July 1, 2019: Kisco Information Systems today announces Release  4  of  its  system  monitoring  tool  for  the  IBM  i  platform. iEventMonitor lets  you  watch  your  IBM  i  system  for important  events  and  then  send  out  alert messages to let the right people know about the events in real time. 

New  with  Release  4,  Kisco  has  added  several  new  watch  functions. These include an output queue watch that will issue an alert when there are too many jobs waiting to be printed, a user profile watch that will alert you when a specific user  has  signed  on  (or  off)  your  system,  a  text  string  watch  that  will  alert  you when a specific message text is posted to a message queue and two new watch functions that look for jobs going into Mutex Wait status or Lock Wait status.  The output  queue  watch  will  alert  you  to  hardware  issues  with  a  printer. The  user profile watch can alert you when a super user (such as QSECOFR) has logged onto  your  system. The  text  string  will  let  you  watch  for  specific  vendor messages, regardless of their severity level.  The Mutex and Lock Wait monitors will alert you when an application is hung up on your system.

The core features of iEventMonitor have also been improved with Release 4.  As always, it can watch any message queue in the system.  This includes the critical QSYSOPR  system  operator  message  queue  and  the  optional  security  event message  queue  QSYSMSG. With  Release  4,  iEventMonitor  now  can  issue optional reminders when a message has not been responded to in a given period of  time. The  Job  Queue  monitor  can  now  issue  an  alert  when  the  queue  has been put on hold.  The Job Watch now has an option to remind you if the job has been  running  for  longer  than  expected. The security  audit  monitor  now  has  a new  option  to  let  you  track  command  line  use  for  registered  user profiles. All command line activity is reported in detail. And, the feature that lets  you  keep track of the active monitors on your system has been improved with more control over each active task running in iEventMonitor.

Alerts  in  iEventMonitor  can  be  sent  as  email  messages,  text  messages  or  as break messages.  Multiple recipients can be specified. For break messages, you just  specify  a  user  profile  and  the  software  checks  to  see  if  that  user  is  signed onto  the  system  before  sending  them  a  break  message  wherever  they  are working.  

iEventMonitor  continues  to  include  features  for  monitoring  message  queues, watching  for  specific  messages  at  a  queue,  watching  for  disc  space  issues, monitoring  for  specific  jobs  starting  and/or  ending,  checking  for  backed  up  jobqueues,  subsystem  utilization  excesses  and  alerting  on  system  security  auditexceptions.

The  software  is  compatible  with  systems  using  IBM’s  i/OS  7.1  software  release and higher, including i/OS 7.4. Complete product information is available at

iEventMonitor Release 4 pricing remains unchanged and starts at $495.00 for asingle  partition  license  and  topping  out  at  $795.00  for  an  LPAR  license.  LPAR pricing  lets  customers  implement  the  software  in  multiple  partitions  on  a  single serial number. Kisco Information Systems offers a free 30-day evaluation of the product  that  can  be  downloaded  with  complete  software  documentation  from To obtain a free evaluation call Kisco at (518)897-5002 ore-mail



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