IBM Systems Magazine is continuing the IBM i at 25 celebration. Here you will find IBM i birthday coverage, videos and Business Partner stories all celebrating the platform’s past, present and future in the marketplace. Read, watch and reminisce about the past 25 years of IBM i.

The Making of IBM i
Innovation marks the launch, evolution and future of the operating system. IBM, business partners and clients have all played a role in shaping the last 25 years and will continue to influence the future of IBM i.

IBM Power Systems celebrates a milestone with the 25th birthday of IBM i. Told through 25 creative and intriguing vignettes, the story of IBM i focuses on the themes of technology, community and business.


Business Partner Stories

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition gives the IBM i community of business partners an opportunity to share stories about their companies’ contributions to the development and success of the platform. Learn how and when these businesses got started and gain a new perspective on these visible players in the IBM i space.




Pete Massiello, Dawn May and David Gibbs share their perspectives on how the IBM i community remains a vibrant and vital part of the operating system. Massiello is past president of COMMON and is active in the North East User Groups Conference. May manages the Large User Group for IBM. Gibbs is the mastermind behind


Designed as a business-computing platform that from its inception and originally shipped with the capability to run over 2,000 business partner solutions, the IBM i has been and will always be built for business. Business Partners Randy Watson from Midrange Performance Group and Aaron Bartell from Krengel Technology along with IBMers Ian Jarman from Lab Services and Mark Wulf from ISV Strategy talk about how this is a competitive differentiator for the platform.


Technology comes together to make the IBM i platform an integrated and secure system. IBMers Mark Olson, Tim Rowe and Jeff Uehling, who represent the hardware, software and security areas of IBM i, respectively, explain how this integration helps differentiate the venerable platform. They also explain how these three components come together to provide value for customers.

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