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Time to Start Tweeting With TweetMe4i, Part 1

Stay Tuned for More

I have much more to show you about TweetMe4i on the RPG and Java side of things and we’ll dig into that in the next article. I’m hoping my articles on RPG wrapping open-source Java projects will cause others to try their hand at it. Please make sure to comment on a specially created page on other ideas on how we can use Twitter within our shops.

One final note: I wanted to mention a recent collaboration between KrengelTech and RJS Software. We are looking to partner on a project to alter my original iSVN open-source project and take it to the next level so it meets more tangible needs of the average IBM i RPG shop. Stay tuned for more!

Aaron Bartell is Director of IBM i Innovation for Krengel Technology Inc. and an IBM Champion.



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