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Increase Your Worth at Work

Low-cost, high-value strategies to prove your value

Low-cost, high-value strategies to prove your value

In times like these, many are afraid of losing their jobs—and rightly so, because many already have. You may feel the best thing to do is lay low and not rock the boat. But often the best defense is a good offense.

We’ve alluded in some of our recent blog posts that we feel the current economic climate may well be our best chance to prove the value of IBM i and its rock-solid applications to the business world. We’ve talked with many clients and conference attendees who’ve told us that projects involving other platforms—in some cases even actually migrating applications off IBM i to other (inferior) platforms—have been postponed or cancelled due to the cost of the development or migration effort.

We recently heard Mike Cain talk about value in the keynote session at the RPG & DB2 Summit and it inspired us to think about improving the value of our applications. So, rather than breathing a sigh of relief that i applications will continue, why not instead take a deep breath and dive into a modernization effort for those applications? Why not take advantage of this opportunity to prove what real value i, RPG, DB2 and we have to offer the company and our users? If you make your applications more valuable, then you become more valuable. The more value you deliver, the safer your job will be. Doesn’t that make sense?

Maybe your applications haven’t yet been specifically threatened by efforts to move to other platforms or maybe yours are still threatened because those efforts are continuing. The same approach works in both cases. Rather than taking a conservative course or going on with business as usual, now is the time to try harder than ever to deliver more value with your existing applications.

Don’t wait for your users or management to come to you with an assignment. After all, they may just give the assignment to the consultant who recently put a proposal for a Windows-based “solution” in front of them. Proactively look for ways you can improve your applications. Talk to other shops about what they’re doing. Read about how application enhancements have saved companies money or improved efficiency. Go on the offense to find ways you can improve your applications’ value.

Modernization doesn’t necessarily mean a prettier screen for interactive applications. That’s certainly one way some applications can deliver better value, but it’s not the only way and may not even be the best way. Consider some low-cost, high-impact projects to improve your applications’ value.

Jon Paris is a technical editor with IBM Systems Magazine and co-owner of Partner400.

Susan Gantner is a technical editor with IBM Systems Magazine and co-owner of Partner400.



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