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Shouldn't Everything Run on IBM i?

One of the many jobs we as “geek leaders” have is to recognize shifts where IT chooses to do business. By “do business,” I mean identifying the heart and soul of a company’s IT infrastructure. For the longest time, we did the majority of our business on the then-AS/400, but over time we introduced other operating systems (e.g., Windows) because it was perceived quicker (though only in the short term) to employ/deploy technologies on those technology stacks. Sometimes there was merit, but many times not.

I started thinking about this as I’ve seen some new tools become available on IBM i. Some of them could have easily been developed to run only on Windows but then they would have had limited ROI for IBM i shops. More tools should be developed for IBM i directly without the need for Windows or Linux.

The fact of the matter—now more than ever—is that there’s very little you can’t do with IBM i.

My Predictions for IT

My prediction for the next decade in IT is that people will pursue two avenues:

  1. Realize that intimate integration is the new way to gain competitive advantage
  2. Start using the cloud more for third-party hosting

Aaron Bartell is Director of IBM i Innovation for Krengel Technology Inc. and an IBM Champion.



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