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From Old School to New School


Gaining Momentum

Although Clary says the move to Linux wasn't originally "part of the master plan," it has already begun to pay off. For example, Havertys has already replaced some 40 PC-based servers between its Linux on iSeries and xSeries migration, and it expects to displace another 118 (or one per retail location) when its HVTnet intranet rolls out.


And thats not the end of it. As new application purchases are being considered, Havertys will first look for Linux solutions, realizing it can run them on the iSeries and eServer i5 systems without deploying additional PC servers. (And, as Clary points out, "It only takes hours to do this on the iSeries system as opposed to weeks for a stand-alone server.") In addition, his IT staff can now more easily manage the company IT infrastructure, with much of the administrative work taking place on the iSeries system instead of individual PC servers. Similarly, his IXA servers have been effectively virtualized, with storage being allotted to them via iSeries management capabilities.


Although Clary wasn't an immediate convert to Linux, hes now fully on board, especially now that he can run and manage it from the iSeries system. As he puts it, "This whole effort has gained momentum, and I don't think its going to stop anytime soon. But unlike when we started bringing Windows servers into our environment, we wont be locked into a proprietary platform. Linux on the iSeries system allows us to add and remove resources quickly in response to changing conditions."



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