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A Valuable Resource

Motta Internacional uses ACOM products to decrease paper use and save trees

Motta Internacional uses ACOM products to decrease paper use and save trees
Photography by Tito Herrera

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CUSTOMER: Motta Internacional
BUSINESS: Wholesale distributor and owner of duty-free shops
HARDWARE: Two IBM System i 520s, several IBM System x servers and an IBM System Storage DS4000
SOFTWARE: ACOM’s EZPM/400, EZDesigner/400, EZeDocs/400 eForms module and EZContentManager, and LANSA’s ERP Framework
CHALLENGE: Moving away from paper-based business processes
SOLUTION: Using the ACOM products to decrease paper use and save trees

Companies go paperless for many reasons. For some, it’s a matter of space, with archived documents taking up room that could be put to better use. Others seek convenience, with employees who handle documents being able to bring them up on their desktop computers to view, print and share. A few companies, however, have more noble reasons.

For Motta Internacional and software development manager Guillermo Acevedo, it’s a matter of saving a valuable resource. Indeed, reliance on paper-based documents harms the environment as both new- and old-growth trees are cut down to supply paper for companies around the globe.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Motta decided to go largely paperless solely for environmental reasons. As with other companies, it sought ways to streamline its document processing and archiving—and save money and space along the way. As a result, by using several ACOM Solutions products, it’s not only changing the way it does business, but also making a dent—no matter how small—in the harvesting of trees.

Motta Internacional

Headquartered in Colon, Panama, Motta has been in business for more than 50 years. Its roots are in the Motta y Motta store in Colon City, which sold liquor and perfumes to boatloads of tourists that passed through the Panama Canal. Of course, the company has morphed since then, and it now has two distinct lines of business.

The first involves wholesaling a host of products to retailers in countries throughout South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, plus all of Central America and Mexico, and some Caribbean islands. Its products include everything from cigarettes, cosmetics, liquor and perfumes to high-end electronics, and its primary customers are direct-to-consumer retailers, although it does some work with other distributors.

Its second line of business includes the ownership and co-ownership of duty-free shops in the same geographical region as its wholesale business.

Supporting Motta’s business are a host of IBM products, including two IBM System i 520s, several IBM System x servers and an IBM System Storage DS4000. One of the System i 520s is used for production, hosting LANSA’s ERP Frameworks. The other is used as a development and testing platform. The System x machines serve a variety of purposes including EDI transfers, reporting and data warehousing. Motta expects to phase the System x servers out in favor of an IBM BladeCenter solution, which it already has on-site but hasn’t yet deployed.

“Previewing growth in the quantity of severs we’ll be using in the company, we’ll use the IBM BladeCenter and virtualization technology in order to save space, energy and administrative costs,” Acevedo says. The DS4000 is being used as a storage-area network environment for the System x servers.

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A Valuable Resource

Motta Internacional uses ACOM products to decrease paper use and save trees

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