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Sealing the Deal

National Envelope Corporation uses LANSA to glue disparate systems together

National Envelope Corporation uses LANSA to glue disparate systems together
Photo by Don Hamerman

Up Close

CUSTOMER: National Envelope Corporation
BUSINESS: Envelope manufacturer
HARDWARE: Two IBM System i 570s
SOFTWARE: JD Edwards World, Baan ERP solutions, legacy RPG applications, Visual LANSA and LANSA Integrator
CHALLENGE: Dealing with multiple applications and databases
SOLUTION: Using LANSA Integrator to tie disparate applications and databases together and building an overarching application for this integration effort using Visual LANSA

Company growth is a good thing. It lets businesses work with new customers, increase their market share and expand their product lines. But growth can come at a price, especially when fueled by acquisitions.

This is especially true if the acquired company’s applications don’t dovetail with those of its new parent. Heterogeneity can cause all sorts of headaches, with the acquiring company managing multiple operating systems, applications and databases.

Migrating to a standard application architecture counters this effectively, but it’s often impractical, especially if a company doesn’t want to disrupt its workflow or endure the expense of wholesale migrations.

When National Envelope Corporation faced such a dilemma, it adopted a hybrid approach. First, the company built an integrated, Web-based solution to tie everything together and then continued migrating disparate legacy applications to a homogenous ERP system. This approach, enabled with tools from LANSA, has let the company not only maintain multiple systems painlessly, but also reduce licensing fees and improve productivity.

“We jettisoned not only the HP box, but the entire data center. Server consolidation is one of the 570’s strongest selling points.” —Aaron Brown, IT director, National Envelope

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