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Keeping it Fresh

Tony’s Fine Foods serves up the newest mission-critical data with BI tools

Tony’s Fine Foods serves up the newest mission-critical data with BI tools
Photo by Mike Graffigna

Geery adds, “When we looked at our growth, we saw the writing on the wall. We had to stop developing that homegrown application and concentrate on areas outside of that, on operations and processes that were more customized for Tony’s particular requirements. So we looked for a product that could take care of the core business, which allowed us to divert past development time to more customized tools and solutions.”

Tony’s found Retalix enterprise software from Retalix Ltd. This fully loaded suite of applications includes tools for point of sale, vendor receiving, wireless handheld solutions, and inbound and outbound voice-picking capabilities. Geared in part toward food-service distributors and wholesalers, it was the perfect choice for Tony’s.

The only unknown was that it ran on IBM i. The company had some experience with IBM i, but the platform was used for a very limited purpose, to host a purchasing application. Keen on deploying Retalix, and aware of IBM i’s capabilities, including its reliability, scalability and availability, Tony’s had few qualms about moving from a PC server-based environment to one underpinned by IBM i.

So when the company deployed Retalix, it did so on an IBM System i* 520. Tony’s has two of those boxes. One is for production, testing and development, while the other acts as a backup for not only the first box, but also, notably, an IBM System p* server, which runs the company’s logistics software. It uses Vision Solutions’ MIMIX to back up the 520 and Vision’s EchoStream to replicate the System p data. At that point, Tony’s had pretty much everything it was looking for, including integration with some of the software it was already using for receiving scheduling, routing, purchasing, and laptop- and Internet-based ordering.

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