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Fueling the Future

MECO of Atlanta pumps up its core ERP system through modernization

MECO IT Manager Albert Johnson (shown on company grounds with display pumps) says choosing integrated new tools that communicate with one another made ditching paper and green screens simple.

Up Close

HEADQUARTERS: Doraville, Ga.
BUSINESS: Petroleum equipment supplier
HARDWARE: An IBM System i 520 and four System x servers
SOFTWARE: Infor ERP System21, Surround Technologies’ Accelerator, looksoftware’s newlook and soarchitect, and LANSA’s Visual LANSA
CHALLENGE: Modernizing a green-screen-based ERP application
SOLUTION: Using tools from Surround Technologies, looksoftware and LANSA to add a graphical interface and new functionality to its core application

Businesses large and small still often rely on paper-based and green screen-computing processes, despite the proliferation of paperless and graphical software tools. This can deprive them of opportunities to embed efficiencies into their overall business goals.

Several tools can help IT managers modernize existing applications and business processes to create an integrated approach to supporting the business. And these solutions, if properly implemented, don’t have to break the bank or require years of development and testing to deploy.

One such company that recently—and innovatively—discovered that is MECO of Atlanta. Rather than replacing an aging and somewhat modified ERP application with a new version, it simply decided to use what it had and, with the help of several handy tools, bring that application into the 21st century while improving its efficiency across the board.

“This system has all the pertinent information people need.” —Albert Johnson, IT manager, MECO of Atlanta

Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, has been covering the technology field for more than a decade. Jim can be reached at



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