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Network Server Storage Spaces in an IBM i PowerHA Environment

Administrator | PowerHA can help provide continuous processing for information in storage spaces

November 2009

Magic Mirror

IBM uses cross-site mirroring to protect your business-critical systems

March 2009

The Best Strategy

Cover Story | PowerHA changes the IBM i HA and DR game

March 2009

Tips for Working With Display ASP Vary Status

Administrator | Practical insights on working with IASPs during and after the VARY ON process.

December 2008

Strategic Moves

Cover Story | State-of-the-art high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions are the product of a 10-year strategy at IBM.

April 2008

Announcing IBM High Availability

Features | Customers have asked for an end-to-end high-availability solution from IBM, and it delivers with HASM.

April 2008

Achieving a Resilient Data Center

E-Newsletter | Former IBM exec Bob Angell shares his insights on improving data-center resiliency

February 2008

The Steps Are in Place

Features | Eight steps to enabling IASPs in your environment

October 2007

Fast Growth

Cover Story | A look at high-availability trends and directions.

October 2007



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