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Discover the 8 New Toys in Domino Server 8.5.3

Discover the 8 New Toys in Domino Server 8.5.3

With the holiday season not too far away, the kids are already asking, “Mom, can we go to the toy store?” It’s so fun to watch them explore all of the new toys and discuss the features that make one toy better than the others. We understand their excitement. We look at all of the new options in Lotus Domino 8.5.3 and get so excited we feel like we must be kids again.

Version 8.5.3 is more than just a few updates to 8.5.2; it’s a new release full of many new features. In fact, there are so many new features that we’ll only show you what’s new at the Domino server in this article. Watch for additional articles to show you what’s new for the Notes client, Traveler and mobile devices, and the Domino developer using Domino Designer and especially XPages.

1. Replication Enhancements

Replication within Domino is extremely powerful and simple to set up. However, one common issue has plagued many customers.

Imagine creating a replica on a desktop or server and that desktop or server isn’t used for many months. Now suddenly you need that client or server again and bring it back online. Notes and Domino will bring the application in sync with the production environment. When you check the application, you see that indeed all of the new documents have been replicated to the server or client, but to your surprise old documents that were deleted long ago are back in the production database. How did that happen?

Domino tracks deletions by using deletion stubs. A deletion stub is a partial document that reminds Domino that the document was deleted and should be removed on other servers. Because keeping those deletion stubs takes space, Domino doesn’t keep them forever—90 days by default. If the deletion stub was purged from the application, when replication occurs with a replica that still contains the document, Domino assumes that the document should be put back into the application where it once was deleted. At this point, the old document is considered to be a ghost or zombie document. The document can then be removed again. Traditionally, we’ve had no way to prevent these ghost documents from being created, but 8.5.3 saves the day with a new replication setting, Purge Interval Replication Control (PIRC).

With PIRC enabled (see Figure 1), Domino will now check the creation date of the document. If the document was created or modified more than 90 days ago, the document won’t be allowed to replicate into the existing application. This prevents those old documents from being put back into the replica. You may be thinking this could be a bad thing. Sometimes I may want to replicate old documents back into the database. Not to fear, the developers did a great job and thought of that for you. First, a DDM event is generated any time the PIRC functionality prevents a document from replicating into the database. Also, a new –NOPIRC parameter has been added to the replication commands letting administrators force a replication event that will override the PIRC control. The PIRC functionality isn’t dependent on any design or ODS level so the rollout of this new function is very simple. Upgrade the Domino server, enable the PIRC control and no longer worry about ghost documents.

2. Administration Process Enhancements

Another great new feature in 8.5.3 changes how the Administration Process (adminp) handles user renames. We’ve all probably seen it in the past—someone changes his or her name and all of your meetings with that person still show the old name. Not anymore! Prior to 8.5.3, names would only be updated if the ACL of a database had the Action property set to ‘Modify All Names Fields.’ In 8.5.3, a new request entitled ‘Rename Person in Calendar Entries and Profiles in Mail File Extended’ was created. This request ensures all calendar entries are updated whether or not the ACL has been set properly. This new feature requires that both your administration server and mail servers be upgraded to Domino 8.5.3. In addition, the design of the administration database (admin4.nsf) must also be version 8.5.3.

Amy Hoerle is a system administrator at Think Mutual Bank.

Kim Greene is the owner of Kim Greene Consulting Inc. and an IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems—IBM i edition technical editor. Kim can be reached at



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